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    • Intelligent air purifier solution
      Intelligent air purifier solution

      Brief description of the program:The intelligent air purifier device has built-in wifi module Internetization. Under the human-computer interaction, through the data transmission between the control b......

    • Intelligent access control scheme
      Intelligent access control scheme

      Brief description of the program: The developed access control device requires integrated ibeacon and Bluetooth, and is installed to a position similar to the exit button or read head. It supports the connection of the usual electric lock or access controller, so that the button or mobile APP can normally control the opening/closing of the door, and it can run stably. Safe and reliable....

    • Intelligent UPS monitoring solution
      Intelligent UPS monitoring solution

      Brief description of the program:The built-in BLE/3g module of the intelligent UPS equipment is Internet-enabled. Under the human-computer interaction, the interface of the golden finger is integrated......

    • Intelligent security program
      Intelligent security program

      The plan contains:WIFI module, mobile APP (Android / IOS), web management platform overall planHardware solution:This series uses SNIOT609, SNIOT403, SNIOT413Function introduction:1. Provide user regi......

    • EU Europes best high quality smart socket custom solution wifi + socket
      EU Europes best high quality smart socket custom solution wifi + socket

      EU European Best High quality regulations standard smart socket customization solution wifi+ble socketWhat is a smart socket?Wifi + ble support ble distribution network, let the net easier socket, sup......

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