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Smart Potted IoT Solution

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:405 Tssuing time:2018-10-24 15:41:52

“Smart Potted Plant” is a technology product invented by a British university student. The flowerpot can detect the growth environment of the plant through sensors and remind the owner when the plant needs care. According to the designer, the design of the smart flower pot is designed to allow more communication between people and the potted plants they grow. When the pot indicator light is red, the user needs to find out which potted living environment needs to be improved until the person finds the correct treatment, and the indicator of the smart pot will change from red to green. This makes it necessary to understand the living characteristics of the plants grown before planting potted plants.

 The working principle of the intelligent potted plant is the pseudo-human ratio method. Think of plants as being emotional, expressive like human beings, and being able to express their desired life in words like human beings. In this way, not only can people immediately understand the growth state of plants, but also make people interested. In addition, smart flowerpots also use functional transplantation. Control technology and remote sensing technology are ingeniously transplanted into the design of smart flower pots. Make smart flowerpots more in line with people's needs and more humane.

The intelligent potting structure consists of sensing devices, batteries, pumps and water reservoirs, as well as technical modules that allow plants to grow healthily, and users are responsible for sowing, watering (once a month) and replacing seeds.


Intelligent potted basic functions

       1. Ability to monitor the humidity and temperature of the environment in which the plant is located
       2. Ability to control water volume and temperature according to plant needs
       3. Can convert the measured signal into a word signal or a sound signal
       4. Can work automatically, that is, automatically watering or discharging water

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