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Smart bra program development details

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:362 Tssuing time:2018-10-24 16:24:59
Smart bra program development details

1. Introduction to smart bra and program development

Intelligent bra refers to the combination of information technology and microelectronics technology, according to the design of medicine, aesthetics, fatology, ergonomics and professional underwear, through sensors to sense the changes of the external environment or the bra itself, and through the specific acquisition module to the sensing signal Processing, and then using wireless communication equipment to transmit and feedback signals, easy to control through APP, after sophisticated calculation and design, intelligent bra with health monitoring, body shaping, massage, motion monitoring and interactive entertainment, etc., can correct the spinal cord It corrects body posture, modifies the body, and solves problems such as hunchback, chest drooping, breast milk, external expansion, black halo, etc., and makes the ideal body continue to maintain a beautiful body.

2. Intelligent bra function and program development

Health monitoring. The intelligent bra has a sensor that can measure the physiological indexes of the human body. Through direct contact with the human skin, the following various health indicators can be monitored to protect the user's health:

Sleep monitoring, monitoring sleep quality throughout, tracking and recording sleep conditions, such as sleep time, deep sleep, shallow sleep, help users understand their sleep and improve;

Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring can measure whether the human blood pressure, respiratory rate, calories, blood oxygen analysis and blood alcohol content are in a normal state, for users to view and real-time information about their physical condition and exercise status;

Heart rate monitoring, detecting the frequency and number of beats per minute of the human heart, and forming an electrocardiogram waveform to be transmitted to the APP, so that the user can understand the data of the heart rate slow or overspeed at any time and receive suggestions;

Temperature monitoring, showing the temperature of the superficial skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles on the APP, clearing the body temperature of menstruation, onset, and sleep for various time periods, and determining whether there are suspicious masses in the breast by measuring the subtle changes in the temperature of the breast and Comfort of the body surface;

Body surface pressure monitoring, pressure detection of the breast area, to ensure the comfort of the breast without pressure.

Mammary gland analysis measures the presence or absence of suspicious masses, bumps, abnormal secretions, and early inflammatory symptoms of breast-like changes in the breast, reflecting the abnormalities of the breast in time and conducting self-examination and medical examination;

Emergency call, when the smart bra monitors the user's heart attack, automatically call the emergency number for help.

Body shaping body. According to the mobile fat movement principle and ergonomic design, the intelligent bra can shape the body, correct the body shape, adjust the fat distribution, and make the body curve beautiful and evenly proportioned. The intelligent bra is made of artificial intelligence materials and special organizational structure, and is made with multi-piece cutting and special sewing process, so that the wearer can adjust the body shape and repair the overall state. The intelligent bra can create a three-dimensional abundance chest shape, with ultra-high side width and strong side bones, tightening the side and back width of the meat, can gather the milk and modify the body shape. The fabric on both sides of the cup extends from the cup to the shoulder strap, which makes the two sides more compact and strengthens the lifting effect; it can be adaptively elasticized, can be quickly adjusted according to the breast shaking, adaptively flexing and adjusting the tightness, thus Provide more or less support. When the user needs more breast support, the bra will tighten, and when they don't need extra support, the bra will relax and make the wear more comfortable.

Massage. Women suffering from breast cancer are mainly caused by long-term compression of the breast without blood circulation, which leads to breast disease, which in turn induces breast cancer. Therefore, it is best to massage the breast every day to promote lymph and blood circulation of the breast. The intelligent bra is equipped with an intelligent automatic massage system. Combined with traditional Chinese medicine acupoints and massage techniques, it can scientifically and accurately perform acupuncture simulation massage, massage, and perform the deepest and most full massage on the breast meridians, acupoints and even each gland. Deposited in the glandular lobes of the breast, the impurities in the lymphatic vessels flow to achieve blood circulation, clear the breast meridians, promote blood circulation, reduce breast bloating and nodules, lumps, and promote secondary development of the chest. The smart bra provides massage services based on the frequency of the music. The smart bra is connected with the APP to realize the intelligent manipulation massage on the APP. In the environment where the user relaxes in the music, while listening to the music while massaging, the rhythm of the music is synchronized and synchronized. The user can enjoy a comfortable chest massage under different songs. The frequency of the massage will automatically adjust the height according to the frequency of the music. When the music frequency is high, the vibration frequency becomes high. When the music is gentle, the vibration frequency becomes low.

Breathe. The smart bra is made of breathable, skin-friendly, healthy and highly elastic. It has a light and three-dimensional high-breathing and artificial intelligence fabric. It has a good moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing effect, which can create a three-dimensional, light and breathable comfort, which can be dissipated in the user's body. Open the vents to ensure the air is smooth, let the chest enjoy free deep breathing at any time, keep the chest dry and clean, inhibit the proliferation of bacteria on the skin surface, prevent the skin from drying and wrinkling, and ensure the removal of bacteria caused by human body odor and secretions. Achieve the enhancement of human immunity, improve the microcirculation of the human body, and bring the user a comfortable and comfortable wearing experience. At the same time, the intelligent bra uses photosensitive fiber and heat-sensitive fiber material, which can determine the heat absorption or heat release according to changes in body temperature and environment, and automatically adjust the temperature to make the wearer feel warm or cool, so that the user can maintain a comfortable body temperature at all times.

Sports monitoring and reminders. The intelligent bra can remind and assist the user to exercise and help the user exercise. The smart bra has a sedentary reminder that reminds the user to straighten the waist or get up when the user is in a sedentary state. The intelligent bra is a special bra that protects the chest and does not interfere with movement when doing various exercises. It has anti-vibration and sweat-absorbing functions. Any intensity of movement can cause the woman's chest to be shaken. The smart bra not only fixes the chest from vibration, but also prevents the chest from obstructing the movement. When the user is exercising, the smart bra can stabilize the chest shape and support the body. The strong support and the whole chest can make the breast and the body form a whole body, so that the exercise can be healthy and satisfy the user's various strength strength training, while ensuring the movement. Comfortable and comfortable to wear; intelligent bra can monitor heart rate, exercise intensity, calorie expenditure, step, exercise time, body temperature, etc., and analyze the data to provide users with corresponding exercise guidance; intelligent bra can use heart rate algorithm for each user The exercise calculates the fitness score so that the user can quantify the physical condition and develop a fitness goal to improve the performance.

Interactive entertainment. Couples who are unable to contact and communicate because of different places can use the tactile interaction of smart bras to let each other not increase the concentration of emotions because of distance. The intelligent bra supports users to interact remotely through the APP. There are many shock points distributed in the smart bra. It can realize massage and stimulation of sensitive parts and acupuncture points in various modes, and support free frequency switching. Users can realize remote sensing through APP. Acupoints) Accurately positioned tremors. The smart bra can meet the remote interaction between men and women, allowing the user to control the bra on the other party without any distance limitation, and can switch the path or acupuncture point of the massage at will, and press where to press, where to try to vibrate!

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