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2018 smart running shoe development

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:389 Tssuing time:2018-10-24 16:35:42

2018 smart running shoe development

1. Introduction and development of intelligent running shoes

Based on the optimization of the material and performance of traditional running shoes, the intelligent running shoes adopts a variety of electronic devices, fully integrates the intelligent technology, and combines the traditional shoe-making technology with modern technology through the adoption of high-performance materials, scientific structural design and intelligent perception and application. Fully exploit a variety of intelligent functions such as protection, athletic performance improvement, motion management and interaction to help runners solve and optimize running deficiencies and improve the quality of user exercise. The intelligent running shoe structural components include: GPS chip, microcontroller, sensor and other core components as well as built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth chip.

2. Intelligent running shoes function and development

2-1. Protection. Intelligent running shoes are ergonomically designed to provide efficient protection when running
2-2. Positioning. The smart running shoe has an invisible locator built in, and has multiple positioning functions. When the user opens the app, the real-time position can be tracked in real time. Multiple positioning systems are embedded in the positioning chip, which can accurately locate and record the positioning information in real time.
2-3. Shock absorption. Based on the position and distribution of the pressure on the foot when the user is running, the intelligent running shoes adopt high-elastic shock-absorbing materials to protect the ankles and protect the user's feet and joints from injury during exercise.
2-4. Non-slip wear-resistant and waterproof. The intelligent running shoes are designed according to ergonomics, contact mechanics, etc., and the front and rear soles are made of non-slip wear-resistant rubber soles.
2-5. Breathing. The upper is made of a single woven leather mesh combined with a super breathable mesh fabric to provide good support and good breathability.
2-6. Sports data collection and analysis. The intelligent running shoe has a built-in smart chip, which can collect and analyze various sports data in real time to form a sports summary report and transmit the motion data and analysis report to the APP.
2-7. Interaction. To make running more fun, smart running shoes have added many interactive features. Users can share running data to social circles, upload sports photos, short videos, live broadcasts, etc., share the feelings of sports; use smart running shoes APP to provide users with information about sports activities, related event information, nearby training venues, etc.

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