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Analysis of the development function of intelligent elderly shoes

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:485 Tssuing time:2018-10-24 16:44:33
Analysis of the development function of intelligent elderly shoes

1. Introduction and development of smart old shoes

Based on the optimization of the material and performance of traditional old-age shoes, the intelligent old-age shoes adopt a variety of electronic devices, fully integrate intelligent technology, integrate traditional shoe-making technology with modern technology, and fully tap the safety, health and sports management of the elderly. Intelligent features to help the elderly easily solve and optimize travel. The smart shoe structural components include: core components such as GPS chips, microcontrollers, sensors, and built-in accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, and Bluetooth chips.

2. Intelligent elderly shoes function and development

2-1. Positioning. The smart old man shoe has a built-in invisible locator with multiple positioning functions. When the user opens the app, the real-time location of the old man can be tracked in real time. Multiple positioning systems are implanted in the positioning chip,
2-2. Historical trajectory. Through the safety positioning system, the smart old shoes can record the position changes of the elderly in real time, and generate and save historical activity tracks in the cloud. Users can keep track of the daily trajectories of the elderly and see where the old people have been to make timely response strategies. .
2-3. Emergency help. Intelligent old-age shoes can provide emergency call for help. When the elderly encounters an emergency, such as sudden accidents, falls, etc., the old man double-clicks the SOS button, and combines the sports sensors provided by the smart old shoes to monitor the physical condition of the elderly. The method can automatically send an alert to the guardian, and transmit the old person's position and current state data to the guardian, and the guardian can provide timely assistance to the elderly in the first time.
2-4. Falling reminder. Intelligent old-age shoes have built-in motion sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and pressure sensors. When they sense that the elderly have not moved normally, such as slipping and then returning to the upright position and no longer moving, they will send an alarm with location information. The pre-set guardian and guardian can take corresponding measures to assist in the first time.
2-5. Electronic fence. The intelligent elderly shoes support multiple positioning and can realize the electronic fence function. The user can set a safe area on the APP. After the smart old shoes are started, when the old man leaves the safe area, the smart old shoes will send a fence alarm to the designated guardian for the first time. Tips, the guardian can see the old man's road map and real-time location in time through the APP.
2-6. Wireless charging. The smart old shoes adopt wireless charging mode, no external charging interface, and the battery is charged by the wireless power supply module. It is equipped with a wireless charging board. When charging, the shoes can be placed directly on the wireless charging board, without removing the built-in charging device. After the second charge is full, it can last for several weeks, which greatly improves the user experience.
2-7. Non-slip waterproof. According to the design of ergonomics and contact mechanics, the intelligent old-age shoes are designed with reasonable anti-skid lines on the soles of the soles to increase the friction on the ground, so that the shoes can be firmly gripped like the claws of the gecko, ensuring that the old man walks steady and steady, non-slip and anti-fall.
2-8. Heating at a constant temperature. The smart old man's shoe has a heating plate corresponding to the heel in the inner cavity of the shoe sole. When the user needs it, the heating plate can convert the energy in the battery into heat, and at the same time, there is a temperature sensor corresponding to the sole of the foot, and the measured shoe can be measured in real time. The internal temperature data is transmitted to the APP, and the user can control the heating temperature of the shoe through the APP to ensure that the temperature inside the shoe is constant and comfortable.
2-9. Massage. Modern medicine has data that the health of the foot can affect other parts of the body, and foot massage can relieve fatigue.
2-10. Anti-fall. The intelligent elderly shoes are equipped with pressure sensors, driving devices, microprocessors and integrated advanced algorithms. When it is detected that the elderly body is out of balance and will fall backwards, the drive will start immediately.
2-11. Many people assist in monitoring. The Guardian can remotely and real-time understand the status quo of the elderly through the smart old-age shoes APP. In order to meet the monitoring needs of multiple guardians, the smart elderly shoes APP supports multi-user remote monitoring and mutual interaction.
2-12. Sports management. Intelligent old-age shoes can provide motion monitoring, such as sports step counting, monitoring the movement data of the elderly running or daily walking, and analyzing the gait parameters such as the step size, pace, and stride frequency of the elderly.

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