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Smart lock solution

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:344 Tssuing time:2018-12-25 11:20:29

The smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent than the traditional mechanical lock in terms of user identification, security, and management. The smart lock is an execution component of the lock door in the access control system. The electronic lock can not be called a smart lock. The smart lock intelligently reflects whether the mobile phone can be remotely controlled and linked with the smart home. The current smart lock is different from the previous method of “turn on and then scan”. The scanning method is very simple. You can place your finger on the top of the scan and scan from top to bottom. You don’t need to press your finger on the scan. It also reduces fingerprint residue, greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprint being copied, and is safe and exclusive.

1. Automatic identification: Different door lock unlocking functions are different. Therefore, the platform cooperates with well-known brands of major door locks. Users can open data and WiFi, and the platform will recognize the door lock in the shortest time, thus providing the door for the user. Lock operation function.

2. Unlocking mode: The smart door lock APP application has launched three unlocking methods online according to the needs of users. One is for fingerprint unlocking, the second is for password unlocking, and the third is for sensor unlocking; users can choose one of these three unlocking methods according to their own habits, thus making their own way of opening the door easier.

3, hidden camera: For the user, the safety around the home is very important. This mobile phone client sets a hidden camera in each door lock, and the user can view the surrounding environment of the residence in real time on the mobile phone side, thereby improving the safety of the home.

4. One-button alarm: The intelligent door lock APP system detects the abnormal heat source condition on the line in real time. Once an abnormal condition is detected, it will be reported to the user at the first time, and the alarm function will be activated immediately. Conversely, if the user sees that there is no abnormality, the alarm function can be cancelled.

5. Intelligent detection: When the door lock is used for a certain period of time, it will be damaged. In order to make the user's life more convenient, the intelligent door lock APP development will detect the use of the door lock in real time. Once the unlocking failure occurs, the user will be immediately reminded to replace it in time, which greatly improves the user experience.

The intelligent door lock APP production cooperates with major brands in the market, and launches a variety of convenient door lock service functions in various communities. The user can directly operate online, making the user's smart life more convenient. With this mobile phone software, users no longer have to worry about home security, you can safely go out and make your life easier.

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