Intelligent UPS monitoring solution

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Brief description of the program:

The built-in BLE/3g module of the intelligent UPS equipment is Internet-enabled. Under the human-computer interaction, the interface of the golden finger is integrated with the UPS to realize the WeChat monitoring of the UPS. The monitoring data includes the UPS status, parameters, alarm machine model, and the development of the dedicated WeChat application. Make ordinary UPS a smart UPS.

The plan contains:

BLE/3g module, mobile phone WeChat, web management platform overall solution

Hardware solution:

This series of products adopts YD303 and YD866 modules.

Function introduction:

1. Use the WeChat end scan code to bind the device and monitor it.

2. The mobile phone remotely monitors the device status, battery status, load and abnormal alarms through the WeChat service number.

3, support WeChat directly call customer service phone, download information, new product recommendations and other functions.

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