Intelligent access control scheme

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Brief description of the program:

The developed access control device requires integrated ibeacon and Bluetooth, and is installed to a position similar to the exit button or read head. It supports the connection of the usual electric lock or access controller, so that the button or mobile APP can normally control the opening/closing of the door, and it can run stably. Safe and reliable.

The plan contains:

BLE module, mobile APP (Android / IOS), web management platform overall plan

Hardware solution:

This series uses SNIOT303BLE module

Function introduction:

1. The administrator password can be set according to the device ID.

2, can set UUID, major, minor, transmission frequency, power;

3. The iBeacon search interface can be used to filter out other Bluetooth devices other than those provided to Siyuan.

4, you can set the Bluetooth key (modified to Bluetooth unlock password);

5, connect Bluetooth, unlock through the Bluetooth key;

6. Release the Bluetooth connection;

7. Feedback power status, when the battery is powered, the APP is allowed to read the remaining power.

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