Intelligent air purifier solution

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Brief description of the program:

The intelligent air purifier device has built-in wifi module Internetization. Under the human-computer interaction, through the data transmission between the control board, the wifi module and the cloud service, the smart phone client remote control, the filter life reminder, the location air quality and weather, Display indoor PM2.5 value, as well as Wei Shang Haitao.

The plan contains:

WIFI module, mobile APP (Android / IOS), web management platform overall plan

Hardware solution:

1. The indoor air quality, temperature and humidity pass the data to the Wi-Fi module through the PM2.5 sensor and the temperature and humidity sensor number.

2. The communication interface uses UART and other forms to communicate with the Wi-Fi module.

3. The various usage information of the device can be saved, and the data can be uploaded to the server when the network connection is normal.

4. Because the temperature, humidity and PM2.5 value of the air purifier equipment change rapidly and the transmission data frequency is high, the WIFI module of this solution is connected by SNIOT505 to meet the data transmission requirements.

The SNIOT505 is a low-power Wi-Fi module with a core of MTK7681, integrated microcontroller (MCU) and 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz wireless RF transceiver chip. It provides simple, low-cost and reliable Wi- Fi network product design. Only one set of 3.3V power supply is required externally.

Function introduction:

1. Provide mobile phone number, email address, and mainstream third-party application login, such as WeChat, Weibo, QQ.

2. The mobile APP remote control device switch, time interval and other functions are enabled. When the device is powered on, the remote control device counts down.

3, mobile phone GPS positioning, automatically push the weather conditions of the user's city and PM2.5 value, of which the weather value comes from Sina weather. Real-time update of various filter life, using a variety of expressions of percentage and timing.

4, mobile phone remote settings device features, such as wind speed settings (low, medium, high, super high), mode settings (automatic, sleep, custom), child lock switch, negative ion switch, UV switch, heating heater switch, etc. Traditional buttons are converted to intelligent controls.

5. Product socialization, networking, and people-friendly. Support sharing and online shopping anytime, anywhere. For example, the air quality screenshot can be shared to QQ, WeChat, Weibo, and can also share the experience or mood; users do not need Haitao, directly enter the mall through the device's mobile app.

6, support WeChat end online payment development.

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