The development of interpreting AIoT

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A, artificial intelligence plays a leading role, IoT bridging role

AIoT will become the next 20 years the world's most important science and technology, and become the industrial robots, unmanned aircraft, unmanned, smart company, emerging industries such as construction and wisdom city an important basis. Under the wave of AIoT, enterprises also accelerated the layout.

AI can be according to the data for predictive insight for the future. And the data for a very important in the field of artificial intelligence, AI need continuous data flow, the more data it can deal with and learn from it, the prediction accuracy will be higher.

Second, the Internet of things will become future enterprise development guide Angle

Foreign technology giant is already active layout AIoT. Google earlier announced plans to use the $50 million acquisition of the Internet of things platform Xively + IoT industry into the AI. Microsoft announced on April 4, 2018, the plan in the next four years, the Internet of things related to all kinds of project investment of $5 billion, to provide intelligent services.

Now share huge AIoT industry, combined with the application of niche is numerous, the market won't be eaten by one or several, can seize market is the key technology and commercial floor can reach, whether really just need to start from the market rather than aiming at false demand.

Three, IoT: IoT application scenario for the show
01 smartphones: there is no doubt that is the future of many "things" the Internet portal, AIoT for smartphones can assign, connect all intelligent devices, equipment, and build a new ecological.
02 intelligent household: AIoT will apply intelligence, intelligent home products, hardware, family and platform all together, let us and the interaction of these objects to achieve more wisdom, intelligence lives in the future is near the consumer can feel the scene as soon as possible.
03 unmanned: in addition to the data, that is, artificial intelligence, in automatic driving condition, how to ensure passenger safety, is the focus of AIoT technology is research.

Four, big data: AIoT truly the cornerstone of the ground
Big data is the foundation of artificial intelligence, the depth of the current study is mainly based on big data, namely the big data for training, and to induce can be applied by the computer knowledge or rules on similar data.
Big data is the foundation of AIoT development and driving force, is the fundamental to realize true artificial intelligence, is also the key to realize AIoT business cash. The arrival of the era, when AI will generate an unprecedented opportunity to this is the best of times.
The arrival of the five, AIoT acceleration at all
In the Internet age, AIoT will accelerate the coming of the era of "at all". AI + IoT are favored by people, this is because it is "all things

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