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With the development of the Internet, our lives have undergone tremendous changes with the development of technology. Computers, the Internet, mobile phones, smart phones, and people's lifestyles are constantly changing. The Internet of Things is another wave of information after the Internet and mobile communications. Industry, everything from the Internet of Things era, intelligent life shows us unprecedented convenience.

The development of the Internet of Things APP has become a new darling of the Internet economy. More and more entrepreneurs have entered the Science and Technology Bureau and set off a new industry trend.

1. Product communication mode: User and hardware information interaction is generally realized through Bluetooth communication and Internet communication. This mode is suitable for close communication.
2, the development process: in the API development process, the app development and server development are handled separately. Front-end and back-end calls are managed through the APIcan platform.
3. Development mode: The app end is developed item by item according to the original rendering picture, and the server side is developed according to the function corresponding to the app rendering picture. The front end and back end API cloud management platform are used for communication and document generation.
4, application module: Bluetooth module, through Bluetooth and module and hardware communication. When there is no signal, you can communicate with the device via Bluetooth to control the operation of the module.

Some features of the Internet of Things app:
1. At present, the hardware technology of smart sockets is very mature and standardized. Through the mobile app development application, you can easily set the switch time, time automatic power off, remote shutdown and so on.

2. In terms of family safety, modern households have gradually improved their safety requirements for homes and property. There are more and more home security products such as fingerprint lock, video surveillance, infrared security, and the security of residential security is unstoppable. With the popularity of "Internet +", this APP development and application + intelligent hardware integration has become a new trend.

3. At present, smart wearable devices such as smart bracelets are gradually recognized, such as perceived heart rate, child safety positioning, and voice assistants.

Intelligent IoT application development of device layers and layers to improve third-party products and professional services, in fact today's intelligent IoT application development, mainly refers to the analysis layer and user layer, two layers, in other words, future Internet customers The development ecology of the end is mainly based on the mature cloud computing IoT development platform. Mature IoT production platforms typically provide front-end application communication APIs for big data storage, real-time information buses, and aggregation layers.

The key to the IoT app is the connection between hardware and software. At present, China has matured in implementing this content. There are specially designed front-end software, including android system, Apple system, website, WeChat and other hardware devices, such as sensors, GPS modules, Bluetooth modules, GPRS modules, infrared modules. At present, R&D companies in the province are more inclined to interface with software, while hardware is achieved through cooperation with developers.

Our company have 5 years, is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and solution of mobile intelligent products. Focus on providing all kinds of integrated intelligent hardware solution for traditional manufacturers, helping manufacturers to accelerate the intelligent upgrade of products, effectively reducing R&D investment and product launch cycle. The smart solution include Bluetooth solution, wifi solution, GPRS+2G solution, and NB-IoT solution. Chi Hao voice control provides manufacturers with domestic and foreign intelligent audio access services, voice modules, mobile phone voice solution。

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