Intelligent security system design

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The intelligent security system is an intrusion alarm system, a video security monitoring system, an entrance and exit control system, an explosion-proof security check, etc., which are designed to maintain social public safety and use security products and other related products. The intelligent security system has been widely used in people's livelihood and is used in smart home systems. It can effectively prevent fire andft, and can also intelligently alarm and form a protective barrier to meet the living requirements of residents in the new era and truly realize the requirements of smart families.
Features of the intelligent security system:

1. Alarm function: detect the human activity of the protected area through various intrusion detectors installed at the protection site. When an intrusion is found, an alarm signal is generated, and a text message or telephone voice is sent to the user's mobile phone to notify the user. At the same time, an audible and visual alarm is issued to remind the on-duty personnel to respond quickly and arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

2, video surveillance function: image monitoring as a means to real-time monitoring and recording of live images, allowing security personnel to intuitively grasp the scene, and can analyze and collect evidence through video playback. The video surveillance function is an important part of the intelligent security system. The current video surveillance function and the anti-theft alarm function are organically combined to form a more reliable intelligent security system.

The 21st century is an era of information. The rapid development of high-tech networks such as networks, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and communications. With the development of information technology and the entire information industry, the intelligent security system has gradually transitioned from digital analogization to networking. Intelligent monitoring products. The intelligent security system has the functions of safety, simplicity and practicality. It can be widely used in public places such as banks, shopping malls, stations and traffic intersections. It can analyze, track and discriminate monitoring objects in real time, and prompt and alarm when abnormal events occur.

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