What are the basic functions of the smart socket solution?

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In smart homes, the socket is a key component that provides all electrical equipment, and the control functions are beyond doubt. Saiyi Technology has developed a smart socket that integrates various home-related subsystems through the application of advanced communication and network technologies, enabling home internal information sharing and communication, and also through home smart gateways and homes. The external network exchanges information. Through the remote control of the owner, the home can be safely monitored and remotely controlled by various household appliances and facilities. So, what are the basic functions of smart sockets?

1. Short circuit protection: When the electrical equipment used is short-circuit abnormal, the power supply can be cut off within 25 microseconds.

2. Overvoltage protection: When the external circuit voltage is higher than the general electrical limit, it can protect the electrical appliance and extend the service life of the electrical appliance.

3. Undervoltage protection: When the external circuit is too low, it can protect the electrical appliance from damaging the electrical appliance when it is harmful to the electrical appliance.

4, special features: Wi-Fi enhancement, temperature and humidity sensing and other functions.

5, management and control functions: you can use the mobile phone APP to allow users to remotely control household appliances, power statistics and so on.

6. Leakage protection: Personal electric shock occurs in the circuit. When the grounding is abnormal, the power is cut off, and the reaction time is extremely short, within 25 microseconds. There is no danger of electric shock.

7. Lightning protection: In the event of lightning strikes, the circuit can be cut off in an instant to protect all electrical equipment used.

8. Overcurrent protection: It can protect the electrical equipment used when there is surge and high current in the circuit.

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