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As a smart socket, the socket has been around for a few years, and it is designed to remotely control home appliances. Why use smart sockets? It saves you power, saves time, controls bath water temperature and home temperature, and even ensures home safety.

What are the application scenarios?

1, household storage water heater (power saving, control bath water temperature)
Basically, it is used in two ways. One is to supply electricity 24 hours a year. When you want to wash it, it will not only consume a lot of electric energy, but also affect the service life of the water heater.
The other is to heat up when needed, but it takes about one hour to heat up. Especially when working overtime late or coming back on a business trip, I want to take a hot bath and sleep now, but the water heater still needs to wait for a long time, it is really painful. Smart sockets can easily solve these problems. The remote control smart socket on the way to work turns on the water heater, and it is nice to go home immediately.

2, air conditioning (control home temperature)
Turn on the air conditioner in advance so that you can enjoy warmth or coolness as soon as you get home.

3, the light in the home (to ensure family safety)
When you are on a business trip, you can remotely control your home's lights for theft in your home, and turn them on regularly; let outsiders think that you are at home every day.
You can also use smart socket console lights, fish tanks, electric heaters, and rechargeable mobile phones to protect your phone when you leave home, automatically turn off the water dispenser, and when you get home, automatically turn them on again to achieve some simple smart home experience.

What types and functions are there for smart sockets?
Infrared remote control, networked control, timing function, overcharge protection, USB plug, camera, night light, security protection (motion recognition).
What should a good smart socket look like?
First, there must be a stable standby, so that it is always online at all times. When you can't control it remotely, it is dropped.
Second, pairing with APP is quick and easy;
Third, the more functions, the better. The more features, the more user choices are available;
Fourth, the sharing function should be done well. It is best to share it on your family's WeChat, everyone is public;
Fifth, the indicator light of the socket is preferably closed. If you can't turn it off, there will be a small blue light at home at night, which may have a certain impact on sleep.
Smart sockets can be basically divided into two categories:
One is a 10A socket, suitable for using low-power appliances, like controlling electric heaters, charging electric vehicles, and controlling aquarium oxygen.
The other is a 16A socket for high-power appliances such as water heaters and air conditioners.
Some 16A smart sockets are specially designed for remote air conditioners. They can turn ordinary air conditioners into smart air conditioners at the cost of a smart socket.

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