What is the development prospect of Internet of Things technology in 2019?

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The fusion of technology is becoming the main tone of the development trend of Internet of Things technology. NB-IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, edge computing and other technologies are constantly being integrated into the Internet of Things, and also rapidly drive smart manufacturing, car networking, industrial Internet of things, smart home, smart In the fields of medical and intelligent transportation, the superposition effect formed by technology fusion and industrial integration has become more and more obvious, and the Internet of Things is rapidly forming a fusion type of intelligent connection ecology.

As one of the technologies of concern in 2019, the Internet of Things is having a substantial impact in multiple industries. After the report of the comprehensive consulting organization and the research group, it can be seen that the overall trend this year is as follows.

The terminal is more intelligent. Whether it is smart home products in the consumer field or end products of the industrial Internet of Things, the trend of more intelligent end products is becoming more and more obvious, mainly due to the miniaturization of the underlying devices; The cooperation between terminal devices has gradually become the norm; these two factors are driving the terminal to become more intelligent.

The connection tends to be ubiquitous. There are currently about 9 billion connected devices worldwide. It is estimated that by 2020, 30 billion connected devices will have built-in sensors. In particular, the construction of NB-IoT base stations will continue to advance in the next few years, the infrastructure of the Internet of Things network will be rapidly improved, and the connection of Internet of Things devices will be extensive.

Edge computing is moving towards intelligent and large-scale deployment. Edge computing is a hot technology in the Internet of Things. Edge computing can meet the key needs of multiple industries in agile connections, real-time services, data optimization, application intelligence, data security, etc., especially the complementary effects of edge computing and cloud computing. It will better support the real-time data analysis and intelligent application of local business, and make the Internet of Things solution more perfect. At the same time, the deployment of edge computing in 2019 will gradually become large-scale.

Artificial intelligence technology improves the IoT experience. Artificial intelligence technologies like deep learning will be more widely used in the Internet of Things. Improvements in deep learning algorithms, such as "capsule" networks, have also made it easier to integrate artificial intelligence into IoT applications.

Blockchain technology compensates for the security and privacy flaws of the Internet of Things. With hundreds of billions of IoT devices connected to the network, the Internet of Things is already a complex ecosystem, and its security risks are a huge challenge. As a decentralization technology, blockchain technology can not be used to track billions of connected devices, and use encryption algorithms to ensure the confidentiality of IoT data, increase trust and reliable authentication. It is to improve the Internet of Things factors, security and reliability. The application prospect of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things in 2019 is worth looking forward to.

Service is moving towards platformization. The number of IoT platforms is currently large. With more and more huge-scale devices accessing, issues such as device access capabilities, application environment complexity, and user diversification of the IoT platform will follow, and the connection will be flexible and expand. The IoT platform with excellent performance, security, and application development will win the platform competition in 2019, and data analysis and AI capabilities will undoubtedly be the differentiation of IoT platform competition.

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