Wifi smart socket design

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1. Market background

Sockets can be seen everywhere in life. With the rise of smart products, smart sockets have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. So far, smart products in smart homes are basically connected to control these smart products through the corresponding APP connected to the home wifi, and smart sockets are no exception. The integrated smart home ecosystem makes life easier and more comfortable.

2. Demand analysis
The smart socket has the same function as the ordinary socket, and can act as a charger for household appliances and mobile digital devices. It has a 5V/2.1A interface and a USB interface of standard home appliances, and the two interfaces can be separately controlled by switches. The smart socket setting has a timing function, and the user can turn the smart socket on or off at regular intervals. The most important thing is that the smart socket can be controlled by remote APP. The smart socket developed by the Shenan Group can also perform voice control. It only needs to send a control signal to manage the smart socket.
You can also check which appliances are forgotten to go out when you go out. You can turn on the water heater and boil water in advance before you go home from work, and control your home appliances.

3, product introduction
The smart socket control has no distance limit and can easily cover the living room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and other places. Smart socket In the environment of wireless Internet WiFi, the mobile phone can realize the APP remote remote socket switch. In addition, you can use the remote operation of the flow, even if you are abroad.

1), timing mode, free control:

Smart sockets can switch household appliances at regular intervals, saving power and money, and saving time for users. Timely switch the bread machine, coffee machine, egg cooker, so that you can have a delicious breakfast waiting for us in the morning.

2), anti-leakage design:

High standard circuit design, safe and reliable without electromagnetic interference; high temperature resistant 750 °C flame retardant, anti-surge, anti-800A impact; second generation upgrade WiFi chip, the network is more stable and smooth; surface high brightness nickel, effectively improve conductivity and plug Experience. 5,000 consecutive touch experiments, more rugged and durable.
Appearance design: The upper and lower shells of the product are made of high-gloss surface, the hand feels round and has no frustration, the external is fixed without screws, the front and rear shells are ultrasonic welded, and the overall appearance is simple and generous.

3), intelligent voice control

Intelligent voice control is a feature of the Shenan Group's smart socket. It can remotely control the smart socket through voice. At present, it mainly uses the Amazon Alexa voice control platform, and may join other voice control systems in the future.

4), mobile APP control

Smart sockets can remotely control TVs, curtains, stereos, garages, etc. via mobile apps such as WeChat. Mobile device APP remote control is the biggest feature of smart socket. Users can use their fingers to complete the opening and closing operations of air conditioners, electric kettles, rice cookers, etc. regardless of the distance.

5), linkage control

Linkage control is a place where the wifi smart socket of Shen'an Group is different from other ordinary smart sockets. It can control multiple sockets and different jacks on the socket to make the electrical appliances in the home intelligent and create a smart socket control system for small appliances.

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