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The smart socket is different from the ordinary socket. The smart socket is a smart wireless control socket. The advantage of the common socket on the market is that the mobile phone APP can be used to wirelessly control the socket, thereby realizing the timing, metering, on/off of the appliance.

Our smart socket brand is i-Timer. The products are divided into wifi smart socket, Bluetooth smart socket, GSM smart socket, and the corresponding APP software for remote control. In addition to providing finished products, our company also provides product development and customization services. Wifi mobile phone remote control timing socket is based on wifi communication, can realize the socket Internet of Things, the user can control the home and office appliances through the smart phone at any place, and operate the APP software Android and IOS versions. Our Bluetooth socket is divided into ordinary mobile phone Bluetooth. Remote control timing socket and mobile phone remote sensing timing socket, Bluetooth smart socket based on Bluetooth 2.0/4.0 communication, can realize mobile phone Bluetooth connection socket, no external device (router), the common model is user manual and socket Bluetooth connection, remote sensing is automatic The distance sensing mobile phone is automatically connected/disconnected (also can be manually controlled); the GSM timing socket is a built-in GSM module, and the socket is controlled by the short message command/APP, which is not affected by the distance, and can realize the user's mobile phone at any time and any time without any connection. The location communicates with the product, making the equipment and electrical appliances more intelligent.

Features and advantages
☆ Controlled by mobile phone APP software, software supports IOS, Android.
☆Support China Mobile, China Unicom standard GSM SIM card;
☆Support wifi, Bluetooth, GSM and other connection methods, many types;
☆ Support multi-user SMS command control socket function;
☆ Delayable, timed control socket output;
☆ Remotely query the ambient temperature;
☆Electric power consumption statistics, always know the electrical power consumption (optional function);
☆ Metering function: voltage, current, power (optional);


Ordinary families, industrial equipment, libraries, swimming pools, museums, hotels, waiting rooms, etc.

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