Fire detection alarm program

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Anti-fire detection alarm program overview:

A fire alarm is composed of a smoke detecting circuit, an over temperature detecting circuit and a host, wherein the smoke detecting circuit and the over temperature detecting circuit are connected in parallel. The positive side of the smoke detection circuit and the over-temperature detection circuit is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the negative pole is connected to the "0" point of the host circuit. When smoke or other combustible gas or power supply wire appears in the detection range due to overload, short circuit and heat to a certain temperature

Anti-fire detection alarm program features:

1. Anti-fire detection alarm program is used for audible alarm and flash alarm at the scene of fire, especially for places where the alarm can be seen low or there is smoke at the accident site.
2. It can be applied to all DC24V voltage fire alarm control system, security monitoring alarm system and other alarm systems. It only needs to be connected to DC24V power supply to work, and emits glare flash signal and sound alarm signal greater than 85dB.
3. The control module can be connected to the code/analog fire alarm control system.
4. The intelligent control module can be connected to the distributed intelligent fire automatic alarm control system.
5. As an acoustic and optical alarm device in the gas fire alarm control system.
6. With low power consumption, long life, acoustic alarm tone selection and flexible installation, convenient and so on.

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