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Oven is the main force of baking, and it is also a tool that cannot be spared. The emergence of smart electric ovens has met our various needs for making West Point. To make a delicious West Point, choosing a smart oven is the first step. Of course, the electric oven is not limited to baking. It can satisfy our needs for various grilled delicious foods and give you a smart life.

1.WIFI smart, baking is simpler and more convenient

As long as the oven is linked to WIFI, you can use the phone app to operate the oven. Different spaces can also be remotely controlled, no longer need to be an oven slave, you can do your own things as you like, and enjoy the deliciousness at the end. When you are chasing the drama, it will remind you that you can preheat in advance on the way to work, and even outside the door can be controlled to close the oven door, smart and safe.

2. Custom cloud recipes, one-click peace of mind baking

Smart ovens have their own exclusive recipes, no need to find a place to go, the baking success rate is increased by N times, avoiding the failure of roasting and wasting food. In addition to using the mobile phone to view recipes, you can also use the mobile APP to operate the oven, one-click baking, saving effort.

3. The function is higher and more

Smart ovens have many functions that are not available in ordinary ovens. For example, smart ovens have various modes such as rotating frame, hot air, etc., and the temperature of fermentation can be selected. Moreover, smart ovens generally have a relatively large volume and can be baked more at once. Food, saves time and electricity.

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