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Smart glasses are independent operating systems like smart phones. They can add calendars, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and make video calls with friends through voice or motion control. A general term for such a type of glasses for wireless network access. It is one of the most promising wearable smart devices that has been proposed in recent years. It is easy to use, small in size, etc. The emergence of glasses will be convenient for people's lives, so it has been researched and developed by Google, Microsoft, etc., and is regarded as an important growth point for future smart technology products.

Smart glasses solution application products

1. SmartEyeglass: Similar to Google Glass, SmartEyeglass can display information in real time before the user's eyes. However, unlike Google Glass, Sony's prototype is more like ordinary glasses, displaying information in green text on transparent lenses. The use of binocular display technology makes the display of the text a sense of distance, making it easier to read. The product also integrates an embedded camera, microphone, and sensors similar to smartphones, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and digital compasses. [2] This is still in the prototype stage and has not yet matured like Google Glass. Its operation needs to be done by a separate wire control, and the touchpad on the remote provides navigation, power and camera buttons. Currently, SmartEyeglass can be used with Android phones. The application for this smart glasses runs in the phone, while the smart glasses interact with the phone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

2.Eyephone: It is an augmented reality (AR technology) special glasses. Grafting video imaging technology on the glasses is equivalent to projecting a large-size video image of 106 inches or more in a space 3-5 meters away from the user. Even in a small environment, you can enjoy the visual enjoyment of a large screen. In addition to the function of video glasses head-mounted display, augmented reality technology is also introduced on the basis of video glasses. While using Eyephone glasses, users can interact with social circles to browse, share and discuss topics related to TV content. glass: Google glasses is equipped with a projection display, a camera that can shoot video, and a touchpad on the frame. It also comes with a microphone and speakers, various sensors, gyroscopes, and a variety of communication modes.
4. Microsoft HoloLens: It is also an augmented reality glasses. After wearing it, it is like Microsoft's live demonstration that it will mix virtual objects or information into the real world and enter a mixed space. It virtualizes the person's head into a pointer, uses the gesture as a motion switch, and uses the voice command as an aid to help switch between different motion commands.

5. Five-product smart glasses: It is stylish in appearance, the frame is made of imported materials, it is light and comfortable to wear, it can be equipped with optical lenses, and the styles are various. The smart chip is embedded in the frame, and the mobile phone client can realize the remote control of the voice. , call, sit-up reminder and anti-theft features; use "bone conduction" technology, can achieve three-dimensional interference-free calls, listening to music.
Smart glasses also showcase its special features in the field of medical health, which brings convenience to many people and allows them to have a healthy body dynamics. In the future, if you don't expect it, the development of this field will shine.

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