Smart doorbell solution

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With the development of the times, in the era of all things, the traditional doorbell with a single function is replaced by an intelligent visual doorbell, which is an inevitable trend. From this point of view, the smart video doorbell market has a good prospect and is worthy of everyone's expectations.

Intelligent doorbell function:
        1. Wi-Fi connection: through WiFi, doorbell video call, dynamic information alarm and other functions, it also adds artificial intelligence voice interaction, face recognition and other functions, through the dynamic monitoring function can customize the motion detection area and sensitivity, Avoid false alarms like passing traffic.

2. Fixed-point delivery: The assistant of the doorbell can make the doorbell ringing in the room, so that the notification of the visitor becomes more precise, softer, and does not disturb the people. No matter which room you are in, you can hear the doorbell in the first time. This will be the first time to welcome visitors.


3. WeChat service: Users can use WeChat to understand the situation at the door and keep the safety of the family in their hands.

4. Incoming call message: The operation of the mobile APP makes this doorbell particularly humanized, and the telephone notification makes life more convenient. WiFi connection, no need for wiring punching, easy to install. Have a dedicated mobile app. The product comes with a camera, and visitors can push it to the mobile phone in real time, which helps users to know the situation of the family door at the first time.

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