High quality Australian regulations smart socket custom solution wifi + socket

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Best High quality Australian regulations  standard smart socket customization solution wifi+ble socket

What is a smart socket?

Wifi + ble support ble distribution network, let the net easier socket, support 2.4 G routers and 5 G routers use.

The smart socket is a kind of socket that saves electricity. It is different from the previous socket. In addition to the power interface, it also has a USB interface and a WIFI connection device inside, so that you can control the home appliance through various intelligent methods.


WIFI+BLE:WIFI control, BLE control

WIFI+BLE socket:

1. WIFI control,

2. BLE control, 

3. on/off, 

4.timing control

5.APP control

Best High quality Australian regulations  standard smart socket customization solution wifi+ble socket

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Best High quality Australian regulations  standard smart socket customization solution wifi+ble socket

Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd.

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