Smart coffee machine solution

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Brief description of the program:

The built-in wifi module of the intelligent coffee machine is internet-enabled. Under the human-computer interaction, through the data transmission between the control board, the wifi module and the cloud service, the smart phone client can make a key to brew coffee, make an appointment, select the corresponding bean or powder, and concentration. , the number of cups, etc.

The plan contains:

WIFI module, mobile APP (Android / IOS), web management platform overall plan

Hardware solution:

This series of products adopts SNIOT505 and SNIOT601 wifi modules, fully supports communication technologies such as wifi/2G/3G/4G, supports and optimizes Internet of Things protocols such as MQTT, and can easily adapt to complex network environments and varied application scenarios.

Function introduction:

1. Provide mobile phone number and email account third-party application login.

2, mobile APP remote control device switch, one-button brewing function.

3, mobile phone APP reservation brewing.

4. The mobile phone APP selects the concentration and the number of cups to brew.

5. Product socialization, networking, and people-friendly. Support online shopping anytime, anywhere, users do not need Haitao, directly through the device's mobile app to enter the mall shopping.

6, cloud recipe service, users can download the menu in real time, brewing different tastes.

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