Smart rice cooker program

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Brief description of the program:

The smart rice cooker operates through the built-in wireless connection module through the client of the smart phone, enabling remote one-button cooking of the rice cooker, such as cooking, soup, nutrient steaming, etc., while the rice cooker's cloud recipe can be shared to Sinan. Platform to interact with other users.

Function introduction:

1. Remotely start the smart rice cooker through the mobile phone, and start a variety of functional modes, including porridge, soup, stew, noodles, hot rice, etc. After accessing the Internet of Things, it is easy to stew and soup.

2, support remote appointments, timed start, remote time adjustments at any time, so that office workers can eat cooked meals immediately after returning home.

3, support the web management platform recipe download and start the management platform recipe function, share and exchange cooking experience at any time.

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