Smart yogurt machine solution

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Brief description of the program:

The smart yogurt machine of this program uses the latest IoT cloud intelligent technology to realize a variety of cooking methods of yogurt, rice wine and natto with one button, freely adjust cooking time and realize one-button cooking remotely. Sinan IOT provides a total solution for yogurt machines, including the Wi-Fi module + APP + Sinan Lianyun platform overall solution.

The plan contains:

WIFI module, mobile APP (Android / IOS), web management platform overall plan

Hardware solution:

This series uses SNIOT601 wifi module

Function introduction:

1. The user can remotely set the cooking mode of the smart yogurt machine through the mobile phone app, and dynamically adjust the cooking gear position and cooking time according to the user's preference. In addition to retaining the traditional yoghurt making function, it also has the functions of making rice, natto and other foods that require constant temperature fermentation and are very health-care.

2. The user can remotely check the working status of the yogurt machine and make the remaining time through the APP, and the cooking time can be mastered at any time.

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