2G/4G Smart socket solution development

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The Internet of Things is becoming more and more popular in people's lives. Among them, smart socket is one of the typical applications. Smart sockets, now commonly referred to as built-in Wi-FI modules, are functions that operate through the client of the smartphone, and have simple functions such as power saving, remote control, and time switch, which bring convenience to users.

Smart socket function

Protection electrical appliances: The smart socket has the functions of lightning protection, high voltage protection and leakage prevention. Once there is an instantaneous lightning strike to induce high voltage, the socket will automatically absorb the lightning induced high voltage, and the smart socket will automatically power off beyond the range that the socket itself can absorb; if the voltage exceeds the preset value, the power will be automatically cut off to protect the appliance; The socket uses an electronic coil for the live and neutral currents. Once there is a leakage, the socket will automatically power off.

Mobile APP function: Smart socket is used to connect different electrical appliances, so that traditional household appliances can be transformed into intelligence. Through the mobile APP, users can view the power consumption, and then manage the family's monthly expenses. By using this product to cover all home appliances, this is no doubt closer to the goal of smart life.

Convenience and security: In the past, chores that could not be completed from home were completely completed by the smart socket, which brought a lot of convenience to the user's life. Long vacation, go to the night to open the lights remotely, prevent thieves; for the fast-paced work people are very friendly, no need to worry about air conditioning, water heaters forgot to turn off, dozens of electricity bills a day slip away.

Our company have 5 years, is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and solution of mobile intelligent products. Focus on providing all kinds of integrated intelligent hardware solution for traditional manufacturers, helping manufacturers to accelerate the intelligent upgrade of products, effectively reducing R&D investment and product launch cycle. The smart solution include Bluetooth solution, wifi solution, GPRS+2G solution, and NB-IoT solution. Chi Hao voice control provides manufacturers with domestic and foreign intelligent audio access services, voice modules, mobile phone voice solution。

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