Wifi smart socket solution development

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1. Remote control of mobile phone (after the device is connected to wifi, as long as the mobile phone has 2G/3G/4G/wifi network, it can realize remote control of mobile phone remotely)
2, LAN direct connection mode (without wifi, the phone can be directly controlled)
3, timing settings (open air conditioning, water heaters in advance before arriving at home)
4, shake the device to turn on (turn on the shake switch, and by selecting the required equipment, you can quickly turn the corresponding socket on/off by shaking the phone)
5, fast switch (one button to open / close multiple sockets)
6, PC web-side control center (through the web page real-time production look at the socket status, and control on / off)
7, wifi smart socket program cloud security, lightning protection design, cloud terminal temperature, humidity real-time display.
8, wifi smart socket program uses smart chip new technology.
9. The European Travel Smart Socket is directly produced by the manufacturer. It adopts integrated injection molding technology and adopts high-gloss surface treatment of fireproof material.

10, wifi smart socket program, its diameter is only 5.5 cm, thickness 2.5 cm,

Our company have 5 years, is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and solution of mobile intelligent products. Focus on providing all kinds of integrated intelligent hardware solution for traditional manufacturers, helping manufacturers to accelerate the intelligent upgrade of products, effectively reducing R&D investment and product launch cycle. The smart solution include Bluetooth solution, wifi solution, GPRS+2G solution, and NB-IoT solution. Chi Hao voice control provides manufacturers with domestic and foreign intelligent audio access services, voice modules, mobile phone voice solution。

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