Wireless switch garbage processor /Food waste disposal

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Wireless switch garbage processor/household food garbage processor/kitchen food garbage processor

Brief introduction:
Also known as the home food waste processor/kitchen food waste processor, garbage disposal is one of the essential appliances in the home kitchen.The soybean milk machine-sized appliance is installed under the kitchen sink and connects to the sink outlet.The garbage processor can handle most food wastes, such as small bones, chicken bones, fish heads, fish bones, eggshells, corn cobs, fruit peels, vegetable stalks, coffee grounds, nut shells, tea stalks, leftovers, etc.You can put the food waste directly into the garbage disposal, the food waste will be instantly ground and broken, along with the water into the sewage pipe.In addition, waste disposal is very economical and energy-saving. The average household consumes one degree of electricity per month. Under normal circumstances, the service life of waste disposal is 8-15 years, which is durable.

The principle of
Food waste processors are powered by small dc or ac motors
Drive knife disc, use centrifugal force to crush the food waste inside the crushing chamber into the sewer.The crushing chamber can filter and automatically intercept food solid particles.The cutter head is equipped with two or four impact heads that can rotate 360 degrees.Knife head speed (full load, working condition) dc motor about 2000-4000 RPM.The crushed particles are smaller than 4 mm in diameter and will not clog drains and sewers.

Using garbage disposal can effectively solve many annoying problems for you:
1, food residue can be immediately drained through the processor, the sink is no longer blocked, you do not have to run back and forth between the kitchen and the garbage can.
2. Cleaning up after meals is also convenient and quick. You can just dump the leftovers into the processor and get rid of the food waste.
3, food waste no longer stranded in the kitchen, help to eliminate the smell of the bedroom.
4. Quickly dispose of food waste to protect your home from mosquitoes, flies and other pests.

In addition, the garbage processor is extremely easy to operate. You can complete the whole process in a few simple steps:
Turn on the tap.
2. Press the wireless switch to start the processor.
3. Put food waste into the processor.
4. After throwing food waste into the processor, leave the processor and running water running for a few seconds.

5. Turn off processor switches and faucets. 

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