Wifi control the Broken wall processor,Multi-function cooking machine

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Broken wall processor,Multi-function cooking machine

The wall-breaking food processing machine integrates the functions of juice extractor, soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, food processing machine, grinding machine, etc., completely achieving the multi-function of one machine, which can instantly break the food cell wall and release plant biochemical elements.
The wall-breaking food processing machine is a kind of food processing product that USES ultra-high-speed motor to drive stainless steel blades to cut and crush food materials in the body at ultra-high speed, so as to break the cell wall of food materials and fully release vitamins, minerals, phytins, proteins and water in cells.The main factors affecting the wall breaking rate and wall breaking effect include: 1.2. Speed of drive to blade via connector;3. Number, length and thickness of blades;4. Shape parameters of cup body, etc.Finally, it reflects the instantaneous speed and cutting frequency when the blade cuts or hits the food.In order to achieve a balanced wall crushing effect.
The common functions of the broken wall cooking machine include soybean milk, juice, thick soup, rice paste, coarse grain porridge, sauce, fish soup, smoothies, warm and hot, Chinese medicinal materials crushing, etc.
Because of ultra-high rotation speed (22000 RPM/min or above), it can instantly break through the cell wall of fruits and effectively extract plant biochemical elements, thus obtaining the good name of broken wall cooking machine, which is the first choice of home appliances for modern health care and health preservation.The latest generation of juice machine is a more versatile food machine integrating heating and stirring, which can not only make vegetable juice and smoothies, but also heat up soy milk, fish soup, medicinal soup and porridge.

Technical principle:
The fourth generation of broken wall conditioning machine technology, through the practical work of rotational speed of about 16000-30000 revolutions per minute of big torque motor, six 1.5 3 mm thickness of leaf blade, blade optimization design, implementation of ingredients, 242-452 km/h gold blade cutting speed and cutting frequency of nearly 180000 times/min, the wall crushing effect is good, such as tomatoes two minutes wall-breaking rate above 65%.On the basis of this, the technology of heating broken wall cooking machine is developed, and 900W high-power heating technology is used to achieve rapid boiling.The perfect combination of heating and wall-breaking technology is realized, and the wall-breaking crushing effect is up to 86% in two minutes, making the food very delicate in taste.Common cup body materials are imported high boron glass and stainless steel, the corresponding heating technology is chassis heating and surround three-dimensional heating.
The common functions of the broken wall conditioning machine include soybean milk, juice, thick soup, rice paste, coarse grain porridge, sauce, fish soup, smoothies, warm and hot, crushing Chinese medicinal materials, etc.

Product structure
The broken wall cooking machine is composed of the main machine, the cup body and accessories.Adopt the design way of separating cup body and host.
The main engine consists of high-speed series motor, transmission device, safety switch components, motor mounting bracket, control key, outer shell, and heat dissipation system.
The cup body is composed of a driving device, a knife holder, a cup body, a cup cover, a feeding cover and a seal.
The motor is a high-speed series motor with dual protection of current and temperature thermostat. The actual working speed is between 16000 and 30000 RPM. The output end is equipped with a transmission installation structure, and the other end of the motor shaft is equipped with a cooling fan.
The motor drive is made of zinc alloy. The drive and motor shaft are fitted together. Soft materials are set in the drive for noise reduction and shock absorption.
The safety switch assembly is equipped with a micro switch, which is triggered by the lever of the cup body to make the machine work.The product does not work when the host machine does not place the cup body, protecting the user.
The cooling system is composed of air inlet and air outlet. The air inlet of the broken wall food processor is set on both sides of the machine, and the air outlet is at the rear of the machine.The space of the two need to be effectively separated, to avoid the hot air outlet back into the air inlet, so as to reduce the service life of the motor.
Cup body commonly used materials 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, TRITAN plastic and PC plastic.
The knife seat assembly consists of a knife seat sleeve, two stainless steel ball bearings and an inner seal ring.The blade is 6 blade, and the shaft is riveted.

Cleaning and maintenance
1. After use, fill the cup with adequate amount of water. After starting the machine for about 15 seconds, you can clean the food impurities on the broken wall food processor knife, or take out the knife set with the cup opener to clean.
2. Clean the cup, cap and cap after use. If greasy food is processed, clean it with detergent, and then clean and dry it with clean water.Clean the host machine with a clean wet cloth.
3. The machine should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent the motor from getting damp.

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