Breakfast machine

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Household small heating automatic roasting and boiling three in one multi-functional breakfast mechanical and electrical oven coffee machine Fried eggs intelligent machine warm milk

Oven: 9L capacity, can bake egg tarts, pizza, chicken legs, toast, roast chicken and other food

With non-stick pan: Fried eggs, Fried steak, sausage, bacon, dumplings, chicken wings and other food

Coffee machine: 0.6l coffee pot can make coffee, tea and milk, and keep the constant temperature

Breakfast electrical oven-coffee machine three in one, safe and healthy, simple and convenient.

Professional customization, wifi control, BLE control, breakfast machine, ODM, OEM customization
Company profile:
Shenzhen bei tutu technology co., LTD.
We mainly use the Internet of things technology to build an efficient intelligent kitchen system through the intelligent kitchen + cloud platform
Make healthier, tastier food through smart kitchens,
Solve a series of kitchen problems for millions of housewives.

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Contact: ANNE
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Telephone: + 13410396910 86
WeChat: 13410396910
Skype: 13410396910
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