Home wifi electric oven, home electric oven

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Home wifi electric oven, home electric oven

Principle: an electric oven is an electric heating appliance that USES the radiant heat from the heating element to bake food. We can make roast chicken, roast duck, baked bread, cakes and so on.According to different needs of baked goods, the temperature of the electric oven can be adjusted in the range of 50-250℃)
Function: larger power, baking speed, good sealing (generally used in rubber gasket seal), good insulation (three layers of tempered glass insulation), accurate temperature control, by more and more people's favorite.
Home electric oven - electric oven structure: electric oven is composed of box, door, heating element, temperature control and timing device.
Structure of the oven
(1) the box is made of thin steel plate, generally double layer material.
(2) the door of the box is equipped with heat-resistant glass, so as to observe the food baking situation.
(3) heating elements commonly used surface coating far infrared radiation materials of metal tube.

Our wifi oven is of three automatic controls (timing, temperature adjustment and power adjustment). After starting up, the time, temperature and power are well adjusted. The display time, temperature and power are synchronously controlled by the mobile phone app.Realize wireless intelligent kitchen oven, bring more convenient lifestyle for families!

Product details:
19L interior capacity.
1600 Watts.
Timer: 60 Min. 
Temperature control up to 230℃
Full white or black housing 
Auto shut off and ready bell
Top & bottom heating elements by stainless steel
Heating elements selector
Heat-resistant tempered glass window.
Convection & rotisserie & top stove function available
Operation indicator
Unit pack into gift box.(5 layers)

Professional customization, wifi control, BLE control, household oven, ODM, OEM customization
Company profile:
Shenzhen bei tutu technology co., LTD.
We mainly use the Internet of things technology to build an efficient intelligent kitchen system through the intelligent kitchen + cloud platform
Make healthier, tastier food through smart kitchens,
Solve a series of kitchen problems for millions of housewives.

Contact information:
Contact: ANNE
Email address: anne@smarttutu.com
Telephone: + 13410396910 86
WeChat: 13410396910
Skype: 13410396910

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