BLE control broken wall cooking machine, multi-function cooking machine

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BLE control broken wall cooking machine, multi-function cooking machine


The wall-breaking food processing machine integrates the functions of juice extractor, soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, food processing machine, grinding machine, etc., completely achieving the multi-function of one machine, which can instantly break the food cell wall and release plant biochemical elements.

The wall-breaking food processing machine is a kind of food processing product that USES ultra-high-speed motor to drive stainless steel blades to cut and crush food materials in the body at ultra-high speed, so as to break the cell wall of food materials and fully release vitamins, minerals, phytins, proteins and water in cells.The main factors affecting the wall breaking rate and wall breaking effect include: 1.2. Speed of drive to blade via connector;3. Number, length and thickness of blades;4. Shape parameters of cup body, etc.Finally, it reflects the instantaneous speed and cutting frequency when the blade cuts or hits the food.In order to achieve a balanced wall crushing effect.

The common functions of the broken wall cooking machine include soybean milk, juice, thick soup, rice paste, coarse grain porridge, sauce, fish soup, smoothies, warm and hot, Chinese medicinal materials crushing, etc.

Because of ultra-high rotation speed (22000 RPM/min or above), it can instantly break through the cell wall of fruits and effectively extract plant biochemical elements, thus obtaining the good name of broken wall cooking machine, which is the first choice of home appliances for modern health care and health preservation.The latest generation of juice machine is a more versatile food machine integrating heating and stirring, which can not only make vegetable juice and smoothies, but also heat up soy milk, fish soup, medicinal soup and porridge.

Cleaning and maintenance

1. After use, fill the cup with adequate amount of water. After starting the machine for about 15 seconds, you can clean the food impurities on the broken wall food processor knife, or take out the knife set with the cup opener to clean.

2. Clean the cup, cap and cap after use. If greasy food is processed, clean it with detergent, and then clean and dry it with clean water.Clean the host machine with a clean wet cloth.

3. The machine should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent the motor from getting damp.

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