Domestic vacuum machine, kitchen vacuum machine

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Domestic vacuum machine, kitchen vacuum machine

The domestic small vacuum packing machine has the functions of vacuuming, heat sealing and cooling in one time.

The small vacuum packing machine is equipped with digital control, heat sealing time and automatic overheat protection alarm device.Vacuum packing machine is a new packaging way, environmental health after it smoke into the low vacuum inside the packaging, automatic sealing immediately, because the bag vacuum degree is high, the residual air, suppression of bacteria and other microorganisms breeding, to avoid the oxidation, mildew and rot, at the same time for some loose items after vacuum packaging, can shrink packing volume, for easy storage.With the advantages of saving electricity, small size, light weight, wide use and easy operation, it is an ideal appliance for supermarkets and families to keep fresh food.

Domestic small vacuum packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of food, medical products, hardware components, medical instruments and other preservation, to prevent deterioration.The external pumping vacuum machine is the best external pumping vacuum machine on the market at present, this is because the vacuum effect of this machine is the strongest, and it can effectively prevent the rapid oxidation of materials and inhibit the reproduction of aerobic bacteria caused by material corruption and deterioration.
Features of domestic vacuum machine
1. Domestic vacuum packaging machine has good vacuuming performance and is suitable for vacuum packaging of multiple plastic bags.
2. The machine is small in size, simple in structure and easy to use.
3, sealed food in room temperature can extend the shelf life, can effectively prevent the refrigerator food flavor, deterioration, dehydration crack.
4, with super vacuum function, can seal all kinds of plastic bags.High degree of automation, with digital control heat sealing time and overheating automatic protection alarm device.
5, this machine saves electricity, the volume is small, the weight is light.
6, wide use, easy to operate.

7, the pumping speed is fast, high transmission efficiency, is about 4 times the ordinary packaging equipment.

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