WiFi fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

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wifi Household oxygen cleaning machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

When the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is working, it provides power to the ozone generator, which generates ozone, which is transferred by the ozone pump through the ozone tube to the washing bucket of the washing machine. In the washing bucket, it comes into contact with the water machine and forms ozone water dissolved in the water. Ozone water has a strong effect of sterilization, disinfection and degradation of pesticides.Mainly used for washing vegetables and fruits.

Role of ozone:
1, decomposition of pesticides and hormones and toxins: ozone has a strong oxidation, rapid oxidation of pesticides and hormone molecular chain, so that pesticides and hormones into a stable inorganic compound;
Sterilization, disinfection: ozone in the single original has a strong permeability, rapid oxidation of bacteria and virus cell wall, the formation of inorganic compounds, play the purpose of sterilization, disinfection;
2. Separation of heavy metal ions: oxygens in ozone can oxidize dissolved heavy metal ions into insoluble non-toxic and high-priced compounds and precipitate them out;

3. Functions of keeping fresh and deodorizing: vegetables washed with ozone water or blown with ozone gas can prolong the freshness period by 2-3 times. Ozone gas can remove the bad smell of the bathroom, fish smell and mildew smell of rice in the kitchen.

Product advantage
In today's extensive use of pesticides, chemical antistaling agent and preservatives, various age of growth hormone, each family before it is in a state of passivity, completely passive receive only, every day in a poisoned by pesticides and other chemicals in the process, such as all kinds of cancer and cardiovascular disease and the long-term intake of excessive pesticide and various kinds of chemicals, now have a fruit and vegetable washing machine, you can make each has her family had an advanced means of protection, in this life can eat a lot less pesticides and various kinds of chemicals, can be a lot less disease,A person's life is only the health of life is priceless.

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