The air fryer

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The air fryer

Air fryer is to replace the hot oil in the fryer with air, and use convection heating similar to solar hot wind to form a rapid circulating heat flow in the closed fryer, so that the food will be cooked.At the same time, the hot air also blows away the moisture from the surface of the food, making it almost Fried without boiling oil.


1. Recycling technology
Air fryer USES high speed air circulation technology to make delicious French fries with up to 80% less fat than traditional fryers!The unique combination of fast circulating hot air and oven components allows you to fry a variety of delicious foods, snacks and seafood in a quick and convenient way.Because you only use air for frying, it produces less smell and steam than traditional frying, and is easy to clean in everyday use, safe and economical!
2. Temperature control
Allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for food up to 200 degrees.Enjoy golden crisp French fries, snacks, chicken and meat all prepared at the right temperature for maximum results!
3. The small space
A large oven can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen, but an air fryer is usually a little bigger than a rice cooker, making it easy to move.
4. No fee
Make food for 1-2 people very handy, eat as much as you can fry.Unlike the real Fried food, because the use of such a large pot of oil, so to fry a lot, not immediately destroyed it is not delicious.
5. Keep clean
Once the air has cooled the fryer, simply drench the contents underwater or rub them with a clean cloth.Is air fryer cleaner than other fryers?
6. Develop a control system that saves time and effort
Have developed control system.Except for the first few minutes when you need to shake the basket, and then you don't need to be watched.When the temperature is too high will automatically adjust, there will be no burning phenomenon.Just set a time and the fryer will stop automatically.
7. Less oil consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

This kind of pot USES the factors generated by the high-speed circulation of air to act on the food, so that the food can be crisped quickly and the oil of the food can be reduced by frying the food. When you use this kind of pot to fry French fries or meat, you don't need to put oil into it, but you can operate it directly.

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