BLE controls air fryers

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The principle of air fryer is to take advantage of the high speed air circulation and quickly heat up the parts and places of the oven by circulating hot air, so as to fry all kinds of food, chips, fish and other effects.As a result, it USES less oil, smell and steam than traditional frying, and is healthier, cleaner, safer and more economical in daily use!

It works in the following steps:
1: is to make the air through the top baking device heating quickly, and a timer to determine the heating time and required temperature;
2. Heat flow rapidly circulates through the high-power fan inside the fully enclosed food basket, so that the heat inside the fryer is evenly distributed in all directions;
3: the special grain on the inside of the food basket forms the vortex heat wind. After the all-dimensional contact with the food surface, the circulating hot wind will quickly take the residual heat after passing through the food, which plays three functions of water, grease and cooking on the internal food.

4: to form a golden and crisp surface layer on the food surface, to achieve the appearance and taste of frying!

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