Wifi controlled rice cooker, low fat cooking

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Hypoglycemic electric rice cooker, 

wifi control, to prevent high blood sugar,

 high blood fat, high fat, suitable for people who want to lose weight, the elderly, 

the function is, appointment, open in time, remove sugar cooking, cooking porridge, steaming, soup,

 anytime and anywhere can be remote control of the rice cooker, eat delicious and healthy food

Professional Kitchen appliances ODM, OEM custom
Company profile:
Shenzhen bei tutu technology co., LTD.
We mainly use the Internet of things technology to build an efficient intelligent kitchen system through the intelligent kitchen + cloud platform
Make healthier, tastier food through smart kitchens,
Solve a series of kitchen problems for millions of housewives.
Contact information:
Contact: ANNE
Email address: anne@smarttutu.com
Telephone: + 8613410396910
WeChat: 13410396910
Skype: 13410396910

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