smart noise meter program development

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smart noise meter program development

The components of the noise meter generally include amplifier, capacitive microphone, attenuator, preamplifier, frequency meter weight network and RMS indicator head.Noise meters are commonly used in industrial areas.We can customize and develop a whole set of intelligent noise meter solutions according to customers' functional requirements to solve customers' problems.

Intelligent noise meter program development

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Principle of the noise meter scheme

This smart noise meter scheme is a microphone to convert the sound into electrical signals, and then the preamplifier to transform the impedance, so that the microphone and attenuator match.The amplifier adds the output signal to the weight metering network, performs the frequency weight metering (or external filter) on the signal, and then amplifies the signal to a certain amplitude through the attenuator and the amplifier, sends it to the effective value detector (or external press level recorder), and gives the value of noise level on the indicator head.The frequency weight network in the noise meter has three kinds of standard weight network: A, B and C.Network A simulates the response of the 40-square pure tone in the human-ear isometric curve, and its curve shape is opposite to the 340-square isometric curve, so that the middle and low frequency band of the electrical signal has A large attenuation.B network simulates the response of human ear to 70-square pure tone, which attenuates the low frequency band of electrical signal.C network simulates the response of human ear to 100 square pure tone, with a nearly flat response in the whole audio frequency range.


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