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Smart infrared thermometer + Bluetooth thermometer APP system + Bluetooth thermometer platform solution

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:570 Tssuing time:2020-07-24 21:22:48

Bluetooth infrared thermometer function:
1. Transmit the body temperature of the forehead gun to the APP in time via Bluetooth
2. Bluetooth temperature gun and application display temperature data at the same time
3. APP sets high temperature alarm. When the body temperature reaches a fever state, the application can sound an alarm to remind the user
4. View the daily data record of the front temperature gun, you can choose the date
5.app can transfer human body data to management system and platform (customer's own system) through big data

Services we can provide
1. Bluetooth thermometer: app synchronously displays temperature data
2.app customization
3. Hardware Bluetooth protocol docking
4. Provide SDK for secondary development

    Our company provides a set of solutions for smart bluetooth forehead thermometer, bluetooth forehead thermometer APP, and smart forehead thermometer platform

     Shenzhen Betutu Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of smart solutions and thermometer solutions, including Bluetooth non-contact forehead thermometer solutions, smart thermometer solutions, Bluetooth temperature watches, etc. as customer solutions.

    At the same time provide the corresponding Bluetooth APP software and applet software.

    Let customers' forehead temperature guns become more humane and intelligent.

    Our company can connect to the custom development of Bluetooth forehead temperature gun, forehead temperature gun solution development, and Bluetooth forehead temperature gun solution development

   The Bluetooth forehead thermometer can be connected to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth device in the forehead thermometer, and the measured data can be identified and reported to the server through the mobile phone APP or small program, and the server can analyze the big data.

   Another advantage of the Bluetooth forehead thermometer is that if abnormal data is measured, the personnel information of the abnormal data can be entered into the system through the APP or small program, which is beneficial to the follow-up tracking and monitoring of the government and other institutions.

We can also provide technical documents such as Bluetooth protocol and SDK to customers

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